Home Sutra: How To Arrange Your Dining Table? [Video]

Home Sutra: How To Arrange Your Dining Table? [Video]

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We are all very careful while buying a dining table. It needs to be the right size and shape to suit the decor and look of the room, plus be big enough to entertain guests on. The dining table is an important piece of furniture. Not only does it have a huge utility factor it is also an important item of decor. The arrangement of the dining area needs careful planning. Showpieces kept on the table need to be in keeping with the look of the table. While buying tables we normally look at the colour of the walls etc to decide its appearance. Not many know that Vastu Shastra, too, lays great significance on the look and appeal of the dining table. Vastu also says we need to be very careful while arranging items on the dining table.

A dark coloured dining table, for instance, can cause stress and create tension. Watch the video above to know more about such tips. While dining etiquette will still play the biggest role in impressing your friends and relatives, do check out other Vastu tips to maintain a strong bond with your near and dear ones.

You can send us more queries about Vastu tips and Vastu Dosh. Watch this episode of Home Sutra to know how to arrange your dining table perfectly according to Vastu Shastra, as told by Acharya P Khurrana, one of the renowned Vastu experts.

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