Home Sutra: How Rangoli Can Brighten Up Your Diwali [Video]

Home Sutra: How Rangoli Can Brighten Up Your Diwali [Video]

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We put in our best efforts to decorate our houses during festive occasions. In most Indian households, rangoli making — a traditional Indian form of decoration — is a crucial part of this process. It's part of our tradition after all. Using colors, flowers and flour and many other things, you can create a thousand patterns right in front of your entrance or courtyard; it could be any part of the home of your choice. Those beautiful patterns done on floors not only bright up the house but also do a great job in lifting your festive spirits.  We are certain you plan to play with colors when you make a rangoli pattern of your choice this Diwali to decorate various parts of your home. But, you may not be aware that your rangoli will do more than just decorating your home.

According to the ancient Vastu tradition, the festival of Diwali could turn brighter for you and bring you the prosperity you have been praying for if you did your rangoli patterns right. Watch this video with our Vastu expert Acharya P Khurrana to know more about the importance of rangoli during Diwali.

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