Home Sutra: How Bed-Making Impacts Our Lives [Video]

Home Sutra: How Bed-Making Impacts Our Lives [Video]

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On an average a human spends one-third of their day, sleeping. While sometimes the urge of crashing on the bed, after a long day at work, is so much that we just do so without arranging the bed, sometimes, we arrange it well with bed cover, duvet and pillows. A well-arranged bed looks clean and comfortable.

But, did you know that the way we prepare or arrange our bed can deeply impact both our personal and professional lives? People have the habit of just hitting the sack without thinking about well-arranged the bed is. Some are just happy with a single bed cover keeping it simple while some tend to layer it with different covers for different purposes. According to Vastu Shastra, layering up the bed can harm your future prospects and hamper positive changes in your life.

In the latest video, renowned Vastu expert, Acharya P Khurrana tells you how to arrange your bed so that it acts as a driving force for bringing positivity in your life.

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