Home Sutra: Have Indoor Plants? Follow These Vastu Tips

Home Sutra: Have Indoor Plants? Follow These Vastu Tips

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Houseplants can work wonders in increasing the aesthetics of your house. They bring in a bit of nature into your modernised indoor spaces, and aid in purifying the air. Studies suggest indoor plants have great health benefits, too. However, there are some Vastu rules you should follow when placing indoor plants.

  • Basil, Money Plant, Lemon, Lily, Lotus and Jasmine are some popular indoor plants which are believed to activate positive energies and bring good luck.
  • Ensure that flower pots or decorative plants are not hung before windows or doors as they can block light, air and positive energies from entering the house. Place them on the ground instead, preferably in the north, the east or the north-east direction.
  • Thorny plants, except rose, are sources of negative energies.
  • Plants that produce milk-like substance when cut must be avoided as they can affect the health of your family.
  • Presence of big plants or trees near the house entrance can obstruct the flow of positive energies.
  • Always keep fresh flowers and plants in the house. Do not keep dried flowers or dying plants as they can catch negative energies.

Vastu Tips For Placing Money Plant At Home

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