Home Sutra: Gift A Taj To Your Beloved [Video]

Home Sutra: Gift A Taj To Your Beloved [Video]

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Love is the most pronounced and genuine feelings. Be it towards your parents, your spouse, your partner, siblings, friends or children, none can claim that they do not have anybody to love. What Mughal emperor Shah Jahan gave his beloved wife Noor Jahan in the form of the most wondrous of sights may be something none of us can afford today. However, there is no undermining the emotions. Have you been wondering what to gift your loved one or somebody close to you? You might have heard that gifting a Bonsai tree (as per Feng Shui) might bring good luck to the recipient. Here is an alternative, gift a replica of the Taj Mahal to the one who matters.

Watch this video to get expert tips from Acharya P Khurrana who tells you how the Taj which is both a symbol of love and a tomb helps bring about good luck and love in your life.

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