Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Home Cleaning

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Home Cleaning

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Cleaning is an important daily chore that ensures our home is dust- and clutter-free and dwellers healthy. A clean and organised home also attracts wealth and positivity around.

Vastu lays great importance on the task of cleaning, which includes surface cleaning, maintenance of furniture, fabric and upholstery as well as decluttering. According to Vastu experts, a well-maintained house pleases the goddess of wealth Lakshmi and invites her blessings. Many experts also say that it is customary to perform house cleaning during Diwali time.

Read on to know more about the Vastu benefits of cleaning the house.

Vastu tips for house cleaning

*House-cleaning activities should not be performed during or after sunset as it may not please Goddess Lakshmi. Early morning hours are considered to be the best time to clean the house.

*Sea salt is regarded as auspicious in Hindu mythology and is used in various religious rituals. Use sea salt water to mop the floors and delicate items which will bring prosperity to the household. You can also keep a bowl of sea salt in the bedroom or the washroom which will remove negative energies from the house.

*Chipped wall plaster and creaky doors or windows are a sign of Vastu defect. Ensure they are repaired immediately.

*Unwanted items such as newspapers, cardboards or damaged furniture are sources of negative energies. Discard them or create a storeroom in the southwest corner of the house. Do not keep such items on the roof or terrace.

*Clean the dishes and utensils frequently. Do not leave them unattended for long.

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