Home Sutra: Does The Size Of Idols Matter?

Home Sutra: Does The Size Of Idols Matter?

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When you thought of constructing a house, you were quite sure it would not be just a place which you give you a roof over your head. It would be a place where joy and happiness will rule. So, you have constructed your home keeping in mind all the principles of Vastu. However, a feeling of restlessness and fear still pervades inside the home. What could have gone wrong? Vastu says it might have something to do with the size of the idols you have kept in your place of worship. While Vastu does not impose any restricts on the size of idols you can keep in your puja room, it says that bigger idols would need more attention from the residents.

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Watch this Home Sutra video in which our expert P Khurrana tell you more on the subject.

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