Home Sutra: Discard Rusted Household Items

Home Sutra: Discard Rusted Household Items

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Several of our household items are made of metals ─ kitchen utensils, decorative objects, keys, locks, etc. These materials get rusted over a period of time and find a safe place in some or the other corner of our homes. A box full of old keys is a common thing to be found in most household. However, this is harmful as such rusted household items release impurities in the home. This can lead to various health ailments, says Vastu expert P Khurrana.  He says that one should avoid keeping rusted items at home to let prosperity roll in.

In case removing a rusted item is not an option, go for simple household remedies to remove the rust. Household items such as white vinegar, lime and salt, baking soda, potato and dish soap can help you remove the rust. Also, painting is the best way to prevent iron door from getting rusted during rainy season. 

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