Home Sutra: Can Your Water Tank Make You Sick?

Home Sutra: Can Your Water Tank Make You Sick?

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Water is present in our homes in many forms - be it swimming pool, fish tanks or water tanks. Referred as the Jal Tatva in Vastu Shastra, the water element represents life, nourishment, communication and travel. It also has a major influence on our emotions, feelings and intuition. Besides refreshing our bodies, water has the power to make us feel inspired and spiritually connected.

Most of the homes have overhead tanks which is an absolute necessity for all our water requirements. The location of the water bodies is very crucial to ensure good health as well as wealth and prosperity. Incorrect placement of water tanks, for instance right above the entrance, can cause health related issues suhc as stomach problems or depression. Vastu recommends the north or the east as the preferred direction for the placement of water tanks.

Watch this video in which our expert P Khurrana gives you more clarity on this.

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