Home Sutra: Infuse Fire Element Into Your Home For Good Luck [Video]

Home Sutra: Infuse Fire Element Into Your Home For Good Luck [Video]

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It's an age-old practice of lighting up diyas and agarbattis (incense sticks) at dusk and finds a special mention even in our Shastras. The commonly used items for worship, including diyas, dhoop and agarbattis, represent the fire element or agni tatva. It is believed, according to Hindu religion, that the presence of fire element at home reduces anger by invoking positive energy. The presence of fire element in any form at one's residence eliminates sources of troubles and obstacles in leading a happy life.

In modern times, artificial items, for instance, the electric oil diffuser lamp represent the fire element in any household. Water and perfume are poured into a pot, the mixture simmers and vapours diffuse into the air. This classic combination of fire, water as well as planet Venus' influence which appears as aroma brings loads of luck and joy into the household. The magic created by these components and their placement as per Vastu principles has the power to strengthen relationships by turning anger into love and encourage prosperity.

Starting this initiative is highly recommended to attract the blessings of all the five elements of existence.

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