Home Sutra: Breath In More Life With Fresh Flowers [Video]

Home Sutra: Breath In More Life With Fresh Flowers [Video]

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Our homes are our escape. Even if we had a bad day at work, things will begin to seem alright as soon as we enter our personal territory and have our evening cup of coffee in our balcony. Is it not? In short, your home is the place that provides you a shelter not only from the sun and the wind but also from the negative energies spread all over. This is why it is imperative to maintain flow of positive energies inside of our little abodes. And, mind you, you do not have to make grand arrangements to achieve that. There are so many small ways in which you could so that, says Vastu, the ancient Indian tradition that talks about design and construction of buildings. One simple way in which you could ensure positive energies embrace your abode is by decorating your bedroom with fresh flowers.

Watch this video in which our expert P Khurrana share his views about the subject.

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