Home Sutra: Bedroom Vastu For A Fitter You [Video]

Home Sutra: Bedroom Vastu For A Fitter You [Video]

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A sound sleep of 8 to 10 hours is essential for a healthy living. The place that we all head to for complete relaxation and privacy is our bedrooms. Thus, bedroom Vastu is as crucial as Vastu for any other place in the house. The things which are focussed on during the construction and designing of bedrooms include the location, placement of bed, colour scheme and placement of doors, windows and furniture. The ideal direction for the main bedroom is south.

If the bedroom in your home is placed near the entrance, then you must consider changing the location of the room, since such an alignment could lead to problems such as a constant backache or issues related to the spine. Sleeping in direct alignment with sharp corners of the bed can cause stress in the nervous and hinder a peaceful sleep.

Watch Home Sutra to learn more tips for a healthy sleep.

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