Home Sutra: Be Organised And Keep Financial Woes At Bay [Video]

Home Sutra: Be Organised And Keep Financial Woes At Bay [Video]

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We have always been told by our parents, elders and sometimes our peers to be more organized in our life. When we were young, our mothers always insisted on keeping our things in their respective places just to spare the wastage of time looking for the things when they are needed. The same rule applies to us when we start living on our own and our parents are no longer with us to guide us. We tend to keep our keys and phones at the right places, but we generally ignore our wallets. If we give thought to every other article in our homes to arranged, same goes for our wallets which we carry with us, anywhere we go.

When we enter our home while we keep the keys in the trays or the key holders meant for the keys, the wallets which safe keep our cash and plastic money, are just placed anywhere we want. Sometimes we just place it carelessly on the night stand or on the mantel piece or any place that is in front of us at the moment. According to Vastu, wallets should not be visible to anyone. If we keep it carelessly, there is a likelihood that we would be faced with unforeseen financial problem. It would affect our finances and we would be under financial duress.

In the latest Home Sutra series, watch renowned Vastu expert Acharya P Khurrana talk about where to keep one's wallet so that you do not face any financial problems.

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