Home Sutra: Avoid Keeping Multiple Looking Glasses [Video]

Home Sutra: Avoid Keeping Multiple Looking Glasses [Video]

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The electromagnetic energy radiated by cellular phones and other electronic devices have an impact on human's well-being. Scientifically, if you keep your mobile phone close to you at night, you are sure to have a disturbed sleep. You might not realise but other objects in our homes and the way they are placed are also a source of similar energies, positive and negative. Energy radiated through painting and artifacts and their placement, for instance, have an impact on your well-being. The ancient tradition of Vastu helps you understand this and talks at length about this.  

Here is a little tip.

You should not be seeing yourself into a looking glass when you enter you home. This may be a cause of bad luck. Also, don't keep more than five looking glasses in your home; mirrors bounce back energies leading to an adverse impact on your health. So, try to reduce the number of looking glasses in your home. Also, ensure that you don't have any broken mirror in your home. This could have an adverse impact on your physical health.

To know more about this, watch this video in which our expert P Khurrana talks more about the subject.


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