Home Sutra: Are You Painting It Right?

Home Sutra: Are You Painting It Right?

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A nicely painted wall can be the perfect canvas for your cherished pictures or an appealing wall cabinet. Colours are powerful tools which have certain psychological effects. They can make a room appear larger or smaller, while also adding warmth to the space. Different rooms have different colour requirements. Vastu can be a perfect guide for choosing the right wall colours for your home since every direction is associated with specific colours.

Listed below are some Vastu guidelines for selecting the right wall colours for your house:

  • North-west and north-east are the directions suited for creating living rooms and guest rooms. These rooms should be painted using white colour. You could also pick light yellow, red, blue or green colours to paint these areas.
  • Green is the colour for the north direction. Choose light blue or green colours for areas such as bedrooms and study rooms.
  • Puja rooms should have soft hues. Go for light yellow, white and cream wall colours.
  • Placement of the kitchen should be in the agni kona or the south-east direction. The colours recommended for rooms situated in this direction includes shades of orange, pink, red or silver colours.
  • Avoid painting bathroom walls in dark colours. Always use grey, white and other pastel colours for soothing effect.

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