Home Sutra: Are Beams Affecting Your Growth? [Video]

Home Sutra: Are Beams Affecting Your Growth? [Video]

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The ancient architectural science of Vastu is all about balancing the five elements ― the earth, the fire, the water, the space, and the air― to create an atmosphere of harmony and wellbeing. Any violation in Vastu principles might ruins the peace and harmony in your life. Such violations are termed as Vastu doshas (flaws).

Presence of beams, for example, in your home or at your workplace is one such flaw. According to Vastu, presence of beams at workplace will reduce the productivity as sitting under a beam creates a load on the mind and becomes a source of distraction. Thus, it becomes important to fix this Vastu flaw for bringing happiness, both at your workplace and home. According to our expert P Khurrana, the simplest remedy is to place a six-inch piece of bamboo or a flute on both the ends of the beam.  

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