Home Sutra: Are Ants Just Unwelcome Guests?

Home Sutra: Are Ants Just Unwelcome Guests?

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Among the many small insects that often surround our homes are ants. Apart from causing little though substantial damage to the housing structure, these tiny beings are generally seen feasting over food items, especially sweet ones. Without a doubt, their presence in our homes is bad news as they contaminate food and cause damage to the structure of the house. But, their presence also indicates something good. Did you know that ants can anticipate earthquakes? They spread all over the house anticipating tremors. According to Vastu expert P Khurrana, ants also teach you a life lesson. These hard-working beings are always busy working. This attribute will remind you meet your own responsibilities. He is also of the opinion that killing ants is not a good idea. There are other ways to rid your place of these uninformed guests.

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