Home Sutra: A Pen Is A Lot More Precious Than You Think [Video]

Home Sutra: A Pen Is A Lot More Precious Than You Think [Video]

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A  pen is mightier than the sword, it is said. But as it turns out, it is also a lot more precious. In today's digital times carrying a pen has become old fashioned. But it is still the lifeline for many, especially students. But a small act with this pen has the potential to destroy careers. According to Vastu Shastra lending one's pen and then not taking it back has an adverse effect on one's career and studies. Vastu says giving away your own stuff, particularly, lending a pen, is not a good idea. This would mean a loss in the career, a delayed promotion or a roadblock in academics.


Aspiring writers and artists who wish to make a successful career must thoroughly understand the significance of this information. Vastu Shastra recommends setting up a comfortable study area for academics. In this video Acharya P Khurrana will answer all your queries about the significance of a study area and the importance of using the pen in a right way.

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