Follow These Vastu Tips To Welcome Positivity In Your Duplex Home

Follow These Vastu Tips To Welcome Positivity In Your Duplex Home

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Duplex homes are a common sight in India, especially, if it is a joint family. These homes generally have a common entrance and have two constructed floors. Usually, such homes have a staircase that passes through either the living room or lobby. 

The importance of Vastu in duplex homes comes from the fact that both living and non-living things in the universe radiate energy. Even our house breathes and has an aura. Earlier it was just based on hypothesis, but today because of instruments such as lecher antenna and Thermo Aura scanners, one can really find the energy radiated by the house.

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This gives more prominence to the application of Vastu principles in our home. In such a case, MakaaniQ shares with you Vastu tips that will give a positive aura to your duplex home.  


Staircase plays a vital role in duplex houses. As per Vastu Shastra, the ideal place for positioning a staircase is South, South- West and North-West. Stairs in the Southeast direction leads to legal problems.  The remedy for this Vastu dosha is to choose any colour belonging to the red family. In the South-east direction, you would need to apply nine cranial stones.  Along with this, even North is not considered as a good location to build the staircase. In case you cannot shift the staircase, then ensure that nothing is stored beneath the stairs. Also, as a remedy, this apply a light yellow colour beneath the stairs.

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First floors

  • Balconies in the Upper floors should be positioned in the North, East or North-East. This is because a balcony facing East and the North is better than the one facing the hot West or South. The South-West corner is avoided.
  • Bedrooms and study rooms should be positioned on the first floor as these personal spaces demand peace and calm. Placing them on the first floor will keep them away from the activities of the main home.
  • One should avoid placing heavy things on the first floor. This is mainly to reduce the centre of gravity ensuring the stability of the building.
  • Doors and windows should be placed in the North and East sides of the first floor ensuring ample amount of sunlight coming in.
  • The ceiling height of the first floors should be less when compared to the lower floors. This adds to the grace of the building.

Puja room

The ideal place for a puja room is North-East, East or North. It must be placed in the centre of the home. The ground floor is best for the positioning of Puja room. Basement or first floors are the places that one should avoid for positioning the temple. The reason why puja room should not be placed at the first floor is that it becomes difficult for the elderly to go to the temple. 

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