Feng Shui: What Should Be The Colour Theme To Achieve Academic Success?

Feng Shui: What Should Be The Colour Theme To Achieve Academic Success?

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The right choice of colours in the study room can help build a productive and favourable learning environment for your children. Colour psychology experts say that certain shades of paint work better when it comes to positively influencing a student’s mind. Feng Shui also lays down some rules when it comes to creating a perfect study room which includes the right mix of colours as a crucial element.

What really helps, then, according to Feng Shui?

Metallic tones: Ideally, neutral colours such as whites, greys or cream are suitable for a study room as they are warm and keep away distraction. Opt for furniture and walls in these metallic shades which will also provide precision and mental clarity.

Water hues: The north direction symbolises the life area of career and is also defined by water shades such as blue and black, an alternative to metallic colours. Pick throws, cushions, rugs or artwork in these shades that will boost concentration levels of your child.

Accent colours: Some colours such as blue, cerulean or turquoise in the study will make for a strong presence of calming energies. The best way to attract their benefits is by creating an accent wall for a calm setting.

What to avoid?

Make sure you do not go overboard with colours as the purpose is to create a soothing study space by eliminating distracting energies. Avoid using darker shades in the room. At the same time, striking a balance is important. Include some brighter colours of yellow or green, say, in the décor features, to energise the space.

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