Feng Shui Tips Using Hanging Wind Chimes As Decor Item

Feng Shui Tips Using Hanging Wind Chimes As Decor Item

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The tinkling of wind chimes is not only pleasing to the ears but also attracts good fortune. One of the best Feng Shui cures to counter chaos, wind chimes aptly control the Chi and infuse vital energies into the environment.

Before you energise your home with wind chimes, make sure you consider the following points:

Materials: Wind chimes are available in a wide variety of materials viz. ceramic, glass, metal and wood. Make sure you hang chimes of a particular type in the recommended bagua area for maximum benefits. For instance, wood or bamboo chimes are compatible with the east, the southeast and the south bagua areas. Metal chimes work best in the northwest, the west or the north bagua areas whereas ceramic or glass wind chimes should be hung in the northeast or the southwest corners.

Location: Wind chimes placed at the front door, especially if it faces another building or a busy street, will soften the strong Chi coming from the outside. While inviting opportunities and success, this Feng Shui placement would also be uplifting for the guests. As a remedy, chimes can be placed on the doors which are in a straight line.

Number: Feng Shui experts talk about the number of rods or tubes the chimes should have for specific purposes. For instance, chimes with six or five metal rods help eliminate the poison arrows. Number six or eight are also suitable for attracting the beneficial energies. However, you could keep it minimal with only five tubes which denote the five elements of nature.

Keep in mind

Do not hang chimes above seating, working or dining areas, in the bathroom or bedrooms. If the main door faces the staircase, hang 8, 6 or 5-rod wind chimes at the end of the stairs.

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