Feng Shui Tips: Use Dzi Beads To Dispel Negativity

Feng Shui Tips: Use Dzi Beads To Dispel Negativity

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Tibetan Dzi beads offer several benefits. The word ‘Dzi’ (pronounced zee) literally refers to shine, brightness, clearness and splendour. Dzi stones, originally made of agate stone, has the power to not only repel things but also store them. The stones can be effectively utilised to block negative energies and absorb ample positive energies.

The beads are oblong or cylindrical shaped embellished with circular patterns or lines. Dzi beads are commonly worn as amulets, bracelets or part of a necklace. These are good Feng Shui protection symbols, too.

Here’s how to use them to guard against negative forces:


Dzi Beads can be placed at home, in a clutter-free corner, as a protection symbol. As amulets, they also protect the wearer from negative energies or injuries as well as attract wealth, happiness and love.

Water is regarded as a spiritual cleansing agent in several eastern philosophies. It is important to cleanse the Dzi stone with water before using it. Then, place them outside in the sun for a few hours. This will help energize it and augment its power.

Types of Dzi Beads

The circular patterns on the surface of the beads are also called the ‘eyes’. The number of eyes of the beads denotes a special meaning and helps in boosting certain aspects of life. Among the several types of beads - from 1 eyed to 21 eyed - few Dzi Beads are believed to be excellent options to ward off negative energies. They are:

  • Four-eyed beads for purification and overcoming negativity
  • Eight-eyed beads to protect against calamity or disaster
  • Nine-eyed beads for wealth, health, power and protection
  • 11-eyed beads to dispel someone’s evil intentions

You could also string the Dzi Beads with auspicious crystals or gemstones which would enhance their positive effects.

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