Feng Shui Tips To Ward Off Bad Energy

Feng Shui Tips To Ward Off Bad Energy

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According to Feng Shui, the Evil Eye charms or objects are symbols of good luck and protection which keep negative and evil energies at bay. It is widely believed in different cultures, especially in Asia, that a malicious gaze can bring harm to individuals, which is why various forms of the Evil Eye cures have been used.

A typical Feng Shui Evil Eye is made of an ultramarine blue glass bead which has concentric tear-drop shaped circles forming an eye-like design. These decorative pieces can be generously placed in the house to achieve a positive environment.

We tell you about some easy Feng Shui ways in which you can place the Evil Eye:

  • The colourful decorative can be hung at the home's entrance - the entry point of all energies.
  • In fact, you can place the Evil Eye anywhere in the house such as the living room, office space, garden or patio. The object would neutralise the negative gaze of the viewer and balance the emotions thus bringing harmony and peace.
  • Apart from bracelets, amulets or showpieces, another interesting way to display the Evil Eye is in the form of wall hangings in the living room.
  • Contrary to popular belief that receiving the evil eye will bring misfortune, the Evil Eye Decorative make for a perfect gift item for good luck and positivity.

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