Feng Shui Tips To Use Owl Symbol For Good Luck

Feng Shui Tips To Use Owl Symbol For Good Luck

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The Feng Shui Owl symbol is a source of good luck, wisdom, knowledge and protective energies. The ancient Chinese philosophy also regards the Owl as a powerful totem to attract prosperity and abundance. The nocturnal bird is widely known to be a protector in the Indo-European culture, popularly in the Greek mythology as goddess Athena depicted in the owl form.

Feng Shui tells you some interesting ways to display the symbol at home or an office space:

To drive away negative energies

The Feng Shui owl symbol could be used as a shield against any misfortune as well as reversing bad luck and negativity. Ideally, you can place it in any suitable corner which requires protection and good amount of positive energies. Opt for a gold-coated figurine as a splendid décor piece or an attractive painting of a family of owls. Position the figurine facing the traffic outside the home. This helps deflect the poison arrows moving towards the house.

To improve money circulation

Owl symbolism in Feng Shui is related to wealth which also leads to increased money circulation. Decorate the southeast or the south corner of fame and reputation with a beautiful image of the bird.  

To enhance knowledge

Positioning the symbol on a working table or study table will ensure you are surrounded by beneficial energies that bring success, wisdom and knowledge. Macramé owls in the study room would not just be an adorable wall décor option but also an ultimate cure for academic success. Place them in the north or the northwest corner.

To increase yang energy 

The owl symbol carries with it tremendous yang energy. Position the owl images in certain corners which require additional support of solid energies.

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