Feng Shui Tips To Use Horse Symbol For Success

Feng Shui Tips To Use Horse Symbol For Success

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The Feng Shui Horse is one of the auspicious animal symbols representing speed, perseverance, loyalty, strength and success. A perfect Feng Shui cure, the Victory Horse and the Tribute Horse are used to foster a good reputation, and bring mobility and success, respectively. Besides, there are other Feng Shui Horse symbols, which could be used as a décor item while inviting positive energies for a smooth road to a successful life.

MakaaniQ brings you some tips for using the horse symbol for success:


The south zone of fame and reputation is undoubtedly the location for placement of the Victory Horse figurines. The horse is full of Yang energy that has a close connection with the fire element, which again corresponds with this bagua area. You could also hang pictures of the Black Horse in this area. The symbol is believed to attract ‘victory luck’, courage and perseverance which are crucial in any competitive situation.

The southwest bagua represents aspects of love and marriage. So, a two-horse statuette makes for a brilliant decor item for this corner. Balancing the yang forces of a horse with a yin energy symbol (like a toad) is essential for ensuring harmony. The symbol placed in this zone will also boost luck in social situations.

Types of Feng Shui horse figurines

Feng Shui Golden Tribute Horse: The horse is seen stepping on a bed of coins and treasure. Display it in the living room or office desk to attract wealth, good fortune, nobility and stability. Place it in the south corner.

Feng Shui Fly-atop Horse: It is a victory horse shown with a large fly perched on its back. It is used to enhance career luck and business opportunities. Place it in the north corner.

Feng Shui Pair of Tribute Horse with Gold Ingot: Two horses are depicted with Gold Ingots on their backs and are best cures to invite opportunities. Place them in the south direction.

Things to note

  • Galloping horses symbolise upwardly movement which could mean a promotion or growth in career. These statues must be placed should on an elevated platform at a height of three feet. Make sure they are positioned facing indoors.
  • Symbols of horses should not be placed in bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • Do not keep abstract images of horses or those which are incomplete or segmented.
  • Avoid placing horses in areas of Feng Shui element wood or metal, that is, the east and southeast direction.
  • Feng Shui horses are wonderful gift items.

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