Feng Shui Tips To Use Crystals To Attract Positivity

Feng Shui Tips To Use Crystals To Attract Positivity

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Gemstones are powerful Feng Shui items to energise any space and clear away the negative energies. You can wear them as ornaments or use them as decoratives to adorn your home. We list some of the classic Chinese crystals you could use to attract positive energies into your abode:

Carnelian gemstones: Earthy-coloured Carnelian stones garner calm and grounding energies, and are used as energy stabiliser. They could be placed on the front door for peace and protection from evil forces.

Rose quartz: Light-pink-hued rose quartz crystals have healing powers. They typically work in southwest bagua area, the relationship corner. Rose quartz candle holders on the side table of bedroom or children’s room help carry nourishing energies to strengthen your relationships with loved ones.

Jade crystals: Jade crystals are symbolic of the earth element and bring good luck, health, wealth and wisdom if placed in the East Bagua area. A Jade Buddha is one good way to utilise the benefits of the sacred Buddha and positive vibes of the lustrous crystal.

Clear quartz: Radiating healing energies around, clear quartz crystal has qualities of cleansing the environment and removing stagnant energies. These transparent stones are perfect tools to boost career prospects and can be placed in south corner – the bagua area of fame and recognition.

Amethyst: These are light lavender-hued crystals work well when kept in the living room, home office or even outdoors. Display them in a glass bowl. Their unique quality of stimulating positive energies in an intense-yet-subtle way makes them an ideal choice for any Feng Shui home.

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