Feng Shui Tips To Position Fuk, Luk, Sau

Feng Shui Tips To Position Fuk, Luk, Sau

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According to Chinese legend, Fuk, Luk and Sau are the trinity of deities or lucky immortals that represent prosperity, authority and longevity, respectively. As symbols of vital elements for achieving inner balance and harmony, the three Star Gods reside in most of the Feng Shui-friendly homes and bring celestials energies for the benefit of humans.

Traditionally, figurines of the three deities should be kept together and not separately, with Luk at the centre and Fuk and Sau (Shou) to its right and left, respectively. Read below for more Feng Shui tips when placing the revered Fuk, Luk and Sau.


Fuk, believed to be a personification of planet Jupiter, brings good luck, happiness and wealth. Luk, who holds a golden ingot, attracts stability, fame, success and financial abundance. Depicted as an old man with a nectar bottle and dragon-edged staff, Sau symbolises immortality. These auspicious statues, which serve as a great Feng Shui wealth cure, should be placed in a high energy zone, preferably the living room or dining room. Improper placement of the deities, by keeping them in or around the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, is considered as disrespectful.


*Position the statues in a Feng Shui way to allow the deities to radiate positive energies around.

*Ensure the figurines are carved out of quality materials.

*Place them in the right order, as mentioned above with a solid wall support. Located inside the room at a prominent spot, the deities should be facing inside. Also, ensure they do not face the main door directly.

*Keep the star gods, on a table, at least three feet above ground.

*Remember not to place them directly under the beam.

*Offer the deities fresh flowers and lighted candles, and by burning incense.

*Keep the surroundings clutter-free.

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