Feng Shui Tips To Position Black Tortoise For Career Growth

Feng Shui Tips To Position Black Tortoise For Career Growth

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Tortoises are one of the important animals, according to Feng Shui. They are symbol of health, longevity and career stability. These statues or symbols should be placed at the right position to see positive effects in the house.

The Black Tortoise is among the four celestial animals, according to Feng Shui. In oriental philosophy, tortoises or turtles - as they are interchangeably called so, symbolise characteristics such as good health, support, endurance and stability. They are also spiritual symbols of longevity as the species has a long lifespan.

As a guardian of good Feng Shui energy, tortoises carry and channelise the Chi into the house and therefore can be placed in different ways to strengthen various aspects of your personal life. Here are some quick tips to follow when placing the auspicious Black Tortoise for attaining career growth:

Turtle for career growth

A tortoise possesses the divine ability to not only attract good fortune or offer protection from evil forces but in the grounding of energy as well. Thus, they are great Feng Shui cures for achieving a stable career. Metal figurines of Black Tortoise or simply paintings of the tortoise can be placed in the living room or the workplace. Choose one which has a Chinese coin in its mouth as it represents growth in income.


An interesting fact about the turtle is that it carries the map of Feng Shui on its back. Thus, the backyard of a house or office - a patio or a garden - is believed to be a suitable location for the Feng Shui Turtle. Position the statue so that it faces the door. As an energy enhancer, the turtle will ensure positive results in career.

An amphibian, the turtle has a water connection. So, the North bagua area is an appropriate place for the turtle or the Black Tortoise as this area is defined by the water element. Aligning the tortoise near water features like fountains or fish tank will boost the power of the tortoise.

The southeast bagua - where the tortoise can be placed - is another vital corner that is connected with aspects of wealth and prosperity. Placing it near the bedhead is said to bring sound sleep and remove anxieties.

Types of turtles

Turtles figurines made from materials like stone, metal, crystal or wood are auspicious and must be placed in their corresponding bagua areas. If there is a main door facing west direction, it can be protected from negative energies by positioning a stone tortoise near it. This is required to balance the dominant Metal element of the west zone with the grounding energies of the stone or earth element.

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