Feng Shui Tips To Place Lucky Bamboo Plant

Feng Shui Tips To Place Lucky Bamboo Plant

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Houseplants have numerous benefits. They work as a great home décor item to enhance the style quotient of the house. Some, like the popular Lucky Bamboo Plant, serve as an excellent Feng Shui cure. Widely used in Chinese culture for over a thousand years now, bamboo plant is an indoor plant which is believed to have some mystic powers and showers the owner with good luck, prosperity, heath, longevity, wealth and happiness.

MakaaniQ brings some simple tips to place the bamboo plant inside the house:

Bagua areas for placement

Feng Shui experts suggest two important directions which help in boosting the flow of positive energies, the southeast and the east bagua area. While the former is associated with life aspects of money and abundance, the latter is related to health and family.

Choosing bamboo stalks

The number of bamboo stalks in the lucky plant has a special significance which should be considered when using the plant as a good Feng Shui cure.  For instance —

  • A bamboo plant with 6, 8 or 9 stalks brings wealth, abundance and good fortune, the life areas of southeast corner.
  • A bamboo plant with 3 or 5 stalks in beneficial for happiness and good health, the life areas of east corner.
  • A bamboo plant with 2 stalks for is believed to attract luck in areas of love and marriage.
  • A bamboo plant with 21 stalks is known to be the powerful of all and brings blessings and good luck for the owner.

Bamboo plant and the five elements

The lucky Feng Shui bamboo plant is ideally a perfect combination of the five elements of nature as mentioned below:

  • Bamboo grows well in a water environment. Place the plant in a broad vase with clean water, making space for the second vital element.
  • Put some pebbles or clay stones inside the vase for the earth element.
  • Tie a red ribbon around the plant, representing the fire element.
  • Add few metal coins to include the fifth element, that is, metal.

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