Feng Shui Tips To Invite Wind Energy Into House

Feng Shui Tips To Invite Wind Energy Into House

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The word Feng Shui literally means wind-water. This is quite telling of the importance Feng Shui ascribes to the vital wind element as far as home décor is concerned. This is why apart from ensuring the presence of the five important elements of nature, one has to be mindful of attracting the wind energy into one’s house as it is a symbol of mental power, intellectual abilities, humanitarianism, artistic talent and open-mindedness.

Here are some easy tips to achieve that:

Let it in: The window is the medium through which the Chi enters the house. At least for a few hours in a day, you must keep the windows open to let in fresh air, allowing proper ventilation and smooth air circulation while garnering strong, beneficial energies.

Increase the flow: The wind element can be enhanced with the help of some tools such as air filters and air purifiers. Go for aromatherapy using natural materials such as houseplants, incense, room fresheners, etc. Playing soothing music or encouraging natural sounds like those of birds, chimes, bells, clapping, etc., is known to cause positive vibrations.

Enhancing the air element brings mental clarity, but do remember to reduce the presence of water element for better effects. For a nurturing environment, reduce the wind presence.

Follow the pattern: Fabrics or furniture designs that show curved patterns or flowing lines are symbolic of the air element. Similarly, metallic finishes, glass and mirrors could be included in the décor which also gives a spacious effect.

 Stay neutral: The air cannot be seen and has no colour. This should be a convincing reason why you should be going for neutral colours for walls, upholstery and furniture. Pastel colours work well, too, and give you an added option to avoid making your space look dull.

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