Feng Shui Tips To Ensure Better Energy Flow Inside Your Home

Feng Shui Tips To Ensure Better Energy Flow Inside Your Home

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Feng Shui deals with the Chi energy and the way it flows across spaces. When the natural channel this vital energy travels through encounters an obstruction, it leads to problems of various kinds. So, it is important to regularly check the energy flow in your house to ensure growth and prosperity. The ancient Chinese concept of Feng Shui can be effectively applied to bring back the desired energy to the space while designing or remodelling a home. Here are some useful tips to enhance energy flow at home:

Check for negative sources: Perform a surveillance of house to identify possible carriers or sources of negative energies. This includes broken objects, leaky faucets and clutter. Take measures to rectify them immediately and get rid of clutter. The kitchen stove represents abundance and it is necessary to clean it regularly. This will open up more channels of opportunity for you.

Make the move: In order to attract new energies, move 27 items in the house or office. You do not need to completely rearrange the elements, simply pull a chair forward and then move it back again. The number 27 is regarded auspicious, and this will stir the energy and release all the trapped energies in the space.

Invite positive energy: Plants and natural light are simple ways to invite auspicious energy in the house. Blocked walls or room corners have lot of stagnant energies. You could place decorative planters, fountains or paintings in such areas to activate positive energy. Display Citrine on the windowsill. This will invite light representing abundance and happiness, as well as attract wealth luck for the owner.

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