Feng Shui Tips To Enhance Yin Energy in The House

Feng Shui Tips To Enhance Yin Energy in The House

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There are certain areas of your house where prevalence of yin energies is preferable to the aggressive yang forces. These include the bedrooms and restrooms. Although the dominant yin energies should be counter-balanced with some amounts of yang energies, let us focus first on increasing the yin vibrations through the below mentioned tips.

Go soft: The Yin energy is characterised as soft, delicate, quiet, cold and passive. The simplest way to bring the soothing Yin touch is through drapes and upholstery with soft fabrics like chenille and velvet. You can also add carpeting and area rugs for a cosy room.

Go for symbolic shapes: Yin is synonymous with qualities like imagination, intuition and philosophy. Go creative and adopt quirky fabric prints and furniture designs which have more of oval or wavy shapes, the symbolic shape of the Yin energy.

Go for subtle colours: Pale colours promote relaxation and calmness, boosting the yin energy. Pale blue or green colour theme or lighter earthy tones for some walls which could provide a soothing backdrop.

Go minimal: It is easy to enhance the yin state in your house with light, plants, flowers and cleanliness. Keep things which generate strong energies out of the room, say electrical devices, television or music systems. Muted lighting will create a soothing environment. When choosing materials for décor, you can select brick, clay and stucco, that are kindle yin energies.

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