Feng Shui Tips To Enhance Yang Energy In Your House

Feng Shui Tips To Enhance Yang Energy In Your House

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According to the Feng Shui philosophy, the universe consists of two opposing forces, yin and yang. To create the perfect harmony in your abode, you have to create the perfect balance between the two opposite forced. While some areas of the house need the yin energy, others require the yang energy. Let us find out how to enhance the yang energy in living rooms, dining room and kitchen, the areas where the presence of the energy is desirable.

Keep it bold and bright: Make sure these parts of your home get ample sunlight. Alternatively, you could opt for bright lighting fixtures. The areas of the house where you can experiment with yang theme include the kitchen, living room, children’s playrooms, home office, laundry area and hallways. Similarly, your choice of bold colours or whites will help increase the presence of yang forces. Try this in the kitchen and living room.

Opt for symbolic shapes: A room with minimal furnishings, high ceilings with many windows supports abundance of yang. Pick furniture with angular or square shapes that enhance yang qualities.

Bring in solids: Yang is defined by solidity and hardness. Go for tables with solid surfaces or furniture which are not upholstered. Also, use hard-surface materials such as hardwood, plastic, cement, tile for décor. Glass and glossy surfaces work well, too.

Invite life energy: Yang vibes are generated in the presence of living beings and natural elements like flowing water features and tall plants. Alternatively, you can move appliances and electrical devises to your living room as noise, movement and heat; all set the atmosphere for enhancing yang energies. Cleaning and decluttering are also a great ways to increase yang energies as clutter attracts stagnant yin energies.

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