Feng Shui Tips To Display The Phoenix Symbol

Feng Shui Tips To Display The Phoenix Symbol

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The Phoenix is a mythical bird and is a popular Feng Shui symbol for marital happiness. Regarded as one of the four celestial animals, the Phoenix is the magnificent large bird which finds mention in the Greek Mythology. Displaying the symbol of the Phoenix in the house is believed to bring incredible positive results, especially in spheres of marriage and career.

Here’s a brief guide on including the Phoenix symbol in your home décor:


The Phoenix is a powerful creature which symbolises traits such as strength, farsightedness, resilience and transformation. It is also associated with strong yang energy. In Chinese culture, figurine or pictures of the bird are used for wish-fulfilment. The perfect corner for this auspicious symbol is the south direction. You can place it in this bagua area of the living room which is the ‘fame and recognition’ corner. This would ensure tremendous success in your career or academics.

Yin-Yang balance

Also representing longevity, purity and good luck, the Phoenix also has the feminine Yin element hidden inside it which can be activated by combining it with another sacred symbol - the dragon. The pairing is said to strengthen relationships, and bring peace and everlasting love, thus ensuring marital bliss. The southwest zone is the right location to place the Phoenix-Dragon symbol.

The red phoenix

The Phoenix is depicted as a majestic bird with the head like a golden pheasant, beak such as the parrot, a figure like the mandarin duck, feathers like the peacock and legs like the crane. Symbols of crimson or red Phoenix is a carrier of opportunities. There are many interesting ways to place them. You could hang pictures of red birds - as a representation of the bird - in the south bagua of your living room. Another way could be keeping statues of the red phoenix in the south corner of your garden.

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