Feng Shui Tips To Display The Mystic Knot

Feng Shui Tips To Display The Mystic Knot

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The Mystic Knot is an auspicious symbol in Feng Shui. It is also known by various names such as the endless knot, the eternal knot or the Chinese knot. The Mystic Knot, appearing as a combination of six infinity symbols, signifies the Buddhist philosophy of endless rounds of birth and rebirth and acts as a cure to attract good fortune. It is worn as amulets for abundance, love and protection or displayed as décor pieces to enable the harmonious flow of Chi in the house. Holding or rubbing the Mystic Knot is believed to drive away anxiety and anger as it brings a sense of stability and tranquillity of the mind.

We bring some Feng Shui tips to display the Mystic Knot.

The placement

The Mystic Knot is a wonderful cure for relationship problems. So, the southwest bagua corner which denotes love and marriage is suitable for displaying the symbol. It has a magical effect on bad tempers when placed in the living room. Hanging the good luck charm in the bedroom improves relations between couples. Placing it in same bagua area of an office space ensures loyalty and harmony among the workers.

The display 

  • The Mystic Knot charms are carved out of various gemstones jade, brass and rose quartz. Jade Mystic Knots can be either be worn as jewellery or hung on the main door for protection. Rose quartz works best for the bedroom.
  • They should be worn on the right hand if you wish to activate your yang energies or on the left hand to boost the Yin forces.
  • Gold Mystic Knot keychains bejewelled with sparkling stones is known to attract wealth.
  • Mystic Knot as Metal Wind Chimes can be placed on the windows for protection, prosperity and luck.

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