Feng Shui Tips To Display The Elephant Symbol

Feng Shui Tips To Display The Elephant Symbol

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The symbolism of the mighty Elephant as a source of strength, power, stability and wisdom could be seen not only in India or Asia, but across the world. A Feng Shui totem and a sacred symbol to energise various life areas, the elephant symbol in the form of decorative figurines or wall decals can upsize the beauty of your living room to a great extent.

Here’s how to apply the Feng Shui techniques while displaying it at home:


The symbol works as a protector of the household. Sturdy outdoor statuettes make for a regal yet bold statement that could even inspire you to go on an elephant-back safari. Make sure you use a pair elephant statues and place them on either side of the front door, facing outside. This arrangement signals the arrival good luck and blessings that the totem does not fail to capture.

Modern abstract sculptures or intricately designed figurines work well for the interiors too, especially the living room. Place a statuette in the north bagua area for career luck or a pair of figurines in the bedroom to promote love and fidelity.

Paintings and murals

You could either create your own DIY elephant décor piece or any artwork, or purchase a beautiful painting, wall decals, charms or upholstery with the animal print. It is believed that the symbol depicting the elephant with its trunk facing upwards brings good luck and prosperity for the owner.

As a symbol of knowledge, Elephant artwork can be used to adorn the kids’ room which will ensure their academic success. Also, when a baby elephant and its mother are depicted together, it makes for stronger family bond.

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