Feng Shui Tips To Bring Good Luck With Pagodas

Feng Shui Tips To Bring Good Luck With Pagodas

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Pagoda, in Feng Shui, is a tower with sloping eaves - a common architectural feature found in Japan, China, Myanmar and Nepal. The majestic edifice, also known as the education tower, is a temple of knowledge, peace and silence. Using decorative Pagodas on the desk of students and businessmen is known to bring good luck.

We tell you more about various types of Pagodas and their Feng-Shui placement in your living space:

Nine-tier Pagoda

A Pagoda with nine levels is symbolic of intellectual qualities, completeness, strength and nobility as well as enhancer of wealth, career and study luck. It possesses strong powers which can block negative energies or instability. Thus, students can make the most of the decorative by placing it on their study desk for academic success.

Five-tier Pagoda

The five-tier Pagoda is a classic representation of the five elements, as per Feng Shui. The structure also represents the guardian of five directions by emperors. The Pagoda tower is believed to transfigure the negative energies flowing from these directions into the favourable Chi.

Seven-tier pagoda

The seven treasures, which are the indispensable elements of Buddhism, are depicted by the seven-tier pagoda symbol and carry the blessings from seven northern stars. This Feng Shui item may prove to be your ultimate key to improved career prospects and new opportunities.

Wen Chang Pagoda

Wen Chang Pagoda, where ‘Wen’ means knowledge and ‘Chang’ means prosperity, is an ancient architectural marvel of southern Guangxi in China. The iconic figurine can be placed in the living room, bedroom, dining areas and also near the house entrance for protection.


*The northeast side of bedroom, study room or living room is a good location to position the Pagoda. This is believed to strengthen concentration and mental powers.

*Placing the Pagoda in the east bagua will improve health and also help the speedy recovery from any illness.

*When arranged in the southeast corner - of fame and recognition, the Pagoda shows tremendous positive results.  

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