Feng Shui Tips To Boost Energy Flow With Mirrors

Feng Shui Tips To Boost Energy Flow With Mirrors

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Mirrors have been regarded as excellent tools for magnifying and energizing a space while doubling the positive energies around. Here’s how you could include mirrors in your home décor, in a Feng Shui way:

Placement: A mirror should exude a clear image. That is, distressed reflective surfaces or unclean mirrors should be avoided. Similarly, they should be hung at an appropriate spot from where you could at least view your head and torso, if not the whole body. Place them neither too low, nor too high, because a mirror image with your head cut-off can lead to headaches or disconnected thoughts.

Chi flow: To get the most out of the positive energies coming your way, place mirrors in front of windows so that if reflects the natural outdoor views. A long and dark hallway could be turned into an inviting space by placing mirrors, directing the good energies towards a room. The same way you can enhance the visibility of dark or cramped corners of a room or shaded outdoor areas by hanging mirrors that can redirect the light and energies.

Other details: Mirrors work well if placed in the foyer, living rooms, across the dining table or in cash lockers. It is better not to keep them facing the front door of the house or in bedrooms, especially if it reflects the bed. Whole mirrors give a sense of completeness while tiled or fragmented mirrors attract negative energies and should be discarded. Be aware of what the mirror reflects. It should not reflect sharp corners or clutter.

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