Feng Shui Tips To Attract Wealth Luck With Ingots

Feng Shui Tips To Attract Wealth Luck With Ingots

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In classical Feng Shui, gold ingots are excellent symbols for attracting wealth, prosperity and success. Also known as ‘Sycee’ or ‘Yuanbao’, the boat-shaped ingots existed as ancient Chinese currency owned by emperors and high-ranking officials. They continue to be displayed at homes, offices and shops even today during the Chinese New Year as a sign of good fortune. Designed in a unique way to emit wealth chi, gold ingots are also available as gold bullion or bars. They could be used to create a wealth vase or as a Feng Shui application to invite wealth luck.

Here’s a quick guide on keeping gold ingots at home:


It can be easily concluded that the Bagua area of ‘money and abundance’, which is the southeast corner of a house is the best place for the Feng Shui gold ingots. Keep them in the living room, office or business premises to enhance the luck factor resulting in abundance of wealth. The auspicious symbol is a protection from any loss of existing wealth, too. The northwest zone, which fundamentally denotes helpful people, blessings, travel and the metal element, is another safe spot for the wealth ingots. This also helps attract opportunities and boost the vital financial support luck.


While arranging the wealth ingots, make sure they are kept facing towards the main entrance so that you catch a glimpse when entering the house. It helps in bringing multiple fortune luck into your homes flowing in through the entry point of the Chi.

Combining the ingots with one among the pantheon of Feng Shui wealth gods or lucky symbols will increase possibilities of finding success and new opportunities on the wealth front. You can, thus, place gold ingots in front of the Buddha, Turtle Dragon, Fuk Luk Sau, Tua Peh Kong, Chai Shen Yeh and Qi lin.

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