Feng Shui Tips To Attract Good Luck With Charm Cards

Feng Shui Tips To Attract Good Luck With Charm Cards

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Good luck cards in Feng Shui are known to provide protection from malefic forces. They may include Buddha card, Amulet cards and Talisman cards. All these Feng Shui cards can be displayed in the house or carried along in wallets or pocket as a constant source of good luck.

Types of lucky cards

Leaf charm card: A popular Feng Shui Charm, it is available as a thin metallic gold-plated card shaped as a leaf. These charm cards can be placed in study books, wallet, pocket or your personal dairy.

Buddha good luck cards: The Buddha good luck card is an effective tool for curing various problems related to finance, health, career and relationships. It keeps negativity at bay and thus brings prosperity and positive energies when placed at the house entrance as a protection symbol.

Taoist Fu Talisman card: In Taoism, an ancient philosophical system that originated in China, there is a card-like symbol called FU Talisman which is framed all round with motifs of the Chinese coin. It includes script exclusively written by Daoist practitioners. The incantations are written on the card as a peculiar style of calligraphy using Chinese characters and symbols; and invoke spiritual help for blessings and protection. The FU Talisman, in addition to the other Feng Shui Charm Cards is regarded to bring good luck, fortune and prosperity.

The Tibetan talisman card also features auspicious symbols such as dragon, horse, tiger, etc. Talisman card featuring Yin and Yang symbol are powerful charms that bring peace and harmony in life.

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