Feng Shui Tips To Attract Positive Energy With Bells

Feng Shui Tips To Attract Positive Energy With Bells

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Bells are excellent tools in Feng Shui which bring balance and harmony in any space. For centuries, bells have been used in spiritual and religious ceremonies across diverse cultures. Their calming vibrations and healing properties through the power of sound therapy makes them a perfect item for a home or an office space. Feng Shui Bronze bells produce metal tones that breaks stagnant energies and helps re-energise the environment.

We tell you the ways in which you could add bells as part of your home décor while inviting positive energies.


The ideal place to hang the lucky bells is near the entrance, foyer or the main door of the house - the entry point of Chi. You can also hang them on the outside doorknobs. The ringing sound every time the door is opened will reassure the influx of good purifying energies and activate yang energies, too.

Feng Shui bells

Chinese hanging bells are usually empowered with symbols representing wealth, health, protection and good luck, which augments their power and effectiveness much more.

Luck: Feng Shui Bells or Fortune bells which are displayed with a set of three coins, tied with a red thread, transform as a powerful emblem for prosperity and good luck.

Wealth: Place the Money Frog Bell on inside the front door facing inwards to attract wealth. Double Carp Fish Bells are another option and could be placed on the outside doorknob.

Protection: Hanging fortune bells with figures of Elephant - known for strength and Buddha, a symbol of happiness, would help accomplish the goal of guarding the house against negative forces.

Balance: While Dragon alone would carry strong Yang energy and attract abundance of opportunities, the combination of Dragon and Phoenix symbols on the bells will ensure the yin-yang balance - a necessary condition for a marital happiness.   

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