Feng Shui Tips To Attract Good Luck With Buddha Idols

Feng Shui Tips To Attract Good Luck With Buddha Idols

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We are often awe-struck with the different Buddha statues and images. The various gestures of the revered figure hold special meanings and help create a calm and serene environment. This is because, Buddha figurines bring in a sense of balance in the house with the vital yin energy — that many homes lack — and aid in the smooth flow of chi energy.

Here is how to place the Buddha statues in your house to make the most of it:

Front Door: Feng Shui experts highly recommend placing the Buddha statue facing the front door as the Chi entering the house interacts with the positive aura of the deity and neutralises any harmful forces present around. You do not need to think twice on keeping the Buddha in your living room; the ideal location from where anyone could catch a glimpse of the deity.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha, an ancient Buddhist monk, is known as a good luck symbol which can be used as a Feng Shui cure to activate various life aspects. A Laughing Buddha figurine in your children’s room or study room is a great way to instill discipline and ensure academic success.

Placement: It is essential to keep the dos and don’ts in mind when placing divine statues at home. Always position them above your eye level, on an altar table or open shelves. Avoid keeping them near bathrooms or bedrooms.

Bagua: Display the Buddha with gold ingots in the southeast bagua area of money for overall prosperity. If you wish to see some positive changes in your career or personal growth, place the Meditating Buddha in the north or the northeast bagua areas. Complement the décor with a fountain, if you like. It is believed that a Laughing Buddha with a Wu Lou blesses devotees with good health. Put the statue in the East bagua area of your home.

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