Feng Shui Tips To Attain Marital Bliss

Feng Shui Tips To Attain Marital Bliss

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In ancient Feng Shui philosophy, bird symbols are used as totems for activating energies in life areas such as freedom, happiness, wisdom, strength and love. It is believed that certain birds such as crows and ravens bring negativity and are excluded from the list of auspicious energy-carriers. The number, colours and symbolism of some birds on the other hand are associated with positive effects. Birds are not fighters except when it comes to self-survival, and some being monogamous they make for excellent Feng Shui cure as symbols to boost love and romance in relationships.

We bring some useful Feng Shui tips for displaying bird symbols at home for marital bliss:

Mandarin ducks: Mandarin ducks epitomise longevity of relationships and should always be displayed in pairs. The symbol is best not just for married couples but for those seeking love.

Goose: Similar to Mandarin ducks, geese denote fidelity and can be used as symbols for a happy relationship. The ideal way to represent this bird symbol is by hanging a painting of a pair of flying geese. This makes way for togetherness. However, some Feng Shui experts warn of some characteristics, especially of wild geese, with migration patterns that can be seen as a symbol of separation.

Dragon-phoenix: The magical effects of this classic bird pair has been extensively discussed in Feng Shui. While one (dragon) carries the yang energies denoting male and fertility, the other (phoenix) brings the yin effects with the image of feminine beauty. The symbol is best displayed in a couple’s bedroom in southwest area.

Flamingo: Flamingos socialise in flocks and only mate with lifetime partners. The pink feathers and long-curved necks of two flamingos facing each other appearing to form a heart shape, are all known to be associated with love and affection. The symbol can be used through pictures or statues to boost the relationship corner, that is, southwest bagua area.

Dove: Dove is a universal symbol of peace and purity. It acts as a good symbol for bringing the vital stability in relationships.

Swan: Swans, too, represent happy marriage and monogamy.

Magpie: Also known as ‘xi que’ in Chinese, the bird symbolises joy and tendency for nesting, which makes it ideal for anyone wishing to get hitched.

Bird colour

Just like pink, the colour blue is associated with spiritual joy, love, luck and contentedness. So, bird symbols in blue hues could be generously exhibited in the house to attract happiness.

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