Feng Shui Tips To Add Wood Element In Home Décor

Feng Shui Tips To Add Wood Element In Home Décor

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The wood element relates to health, growth and advancement. When rightly placed in combination with other vital elements of nature, the wood energy brings growth, happiness and a vibrant atmosphere. It is important to maintain a balance when incorporating this vital source of strength as too much of wood may trigger arguments and fiery tempers whereas lack of wood can invite low vitality and family disharmony.

Mentioned below are easy ways to add wood element in home decoration:

Feature wall: The wood element should be nourished in areas of the southeast, the east and the south corner, the first two being the defining bagua areas for wood. Design a statement wall in southeast or east direction of the house and paint it in green or brown hues, the natural colours of wood. You can also consider green walls for the bathroom or powder room.

Materials: Bamboo, wicker and wood are excellent materials which are synonymous with the wood element. Choose them for the furniture. Wooden flooring in a classic representation of the element. Wall murals depicting plant images also prove to be a great Feng Shui solution.

Shapes: While you pick green pillows and brown rugs for the living room, for the wood theme, go for rectangular patterns on the fabrics as the shape symbolises wood.

Living wood: Tree branches and houseplants introduce vital chi of the wood into a space. However, you must avoid keeping dried flowers, bonsai and cactus plants inside house. For more decor inspiration, wooden bowls and Buddha figurines made of wood bring a direct connect with the wood energy.

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