Feng Shui Tips To Add Water Element In Home Décor

Feng Shui Tips To Add Water Element In Home Décor

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The balance of all the five elements of nature in a house is the key to achieve harmonious flow of positive energy. If there is a space in your house which lacks the water element ─ which is one of the most powerful forces of nature ─ it can have an impact on various aspects of your life, including wealth and abundance. There are some easy Feng Shui cures, as mentioned below, to remedy this defect and garner the goodness of this life giving energy source.

Mirrors: Mirrors are effective tools not only to create a virtual space or reflect light but also a great substitute for water features. If you do not want to place a fountain or other water decorative, add a simple mirror in the living room which will create a strong presence of the water element and support the flow of energy. Avoid using broken or distorted mirrors. Alternatively, glass and metallic designs work wonders.

Colours: The colour blue and black are synonymous with the water element. You can create an accent wall in north corner of the room and paint it in blue or black colour. The bagua area corresponds with the element as well as aspects of career and path in life.

Accessories: When picking upholstery for your room, use soft textured fabrics and rugs across the room to give flow. Choose furniture textures such as smooth curves, flowing lines or wave shapes, all of which closely resemble the water element.            

 Decor items: Place a Buddha statue in black colour which is an excellent way to catch the water element vibes while inviting calming energies. Besides, you can always go back to the typical symbols of the water element such as beautiful wall murals or images of spring waterfalls.

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