Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is the place you relax. To make this territory have an even more calming effect on you, you could apply certain the Feng Shui principles. We list down some simple tips ensure obstructions to the energy flow are removed, the air quality is enhanced and the elements are rearranged in such a manner that ensure a good night’s sleep.

*The placement of the bed determines the energies you will encounter while sleeping. Sha Chi or attacking energies would get a boost if the bed is aligned with doors, windows or sharp edges. Avoid such a placement. However, ensure the bed has a solid wall behind it.

*Bright lights can hamper a restful sleep. Light candles, instead, for a soothing effect.

*Place green plants to add natural elements in your bedroom, but do not go overboard. Avoid placing water features such as aquariums in the bedroom.

*Images of greenery will work well for your vision along with pictures depicting positive emotions.

*Light-coloured fabrics and upholstery are recommended. Active colours such as red or bright pink might enhance the yang and affect your sleep.

*Keep the room clutter-free. Presence of gadgets can destroy the good energies.

*Opt for essential oils, including cinnamon, chamomile, bergamot, etc., to radiate fragrance in the room instead of artificial air fresheners.

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