Feng Shui Tips For Yin-Yang Balance in Home Office

Feng Shui Tips For Yin-Yang Balance in Home Office

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When designing a home office, the fundamental concept of yin and yang in space should be kept in mind. According to Feng Shui experts, offices should have more yang than yin characteristics. With balance and change as the key focus, take cues from the below mentioned Feng Shui tips for achieving a productive home office space.


Start with creating a yang space with fiery colours of reds, yellows or oranges that helps boost creativity in individuals. Go for these accent colours for the desk, upholstery or cabinets. Then, try harmonising the space with subtle colours for area rugs and curtains.


A standing wooden desk with soft or rounded edges is an ideal choice for the office. Sharp edges emit poison arrows that could bring in negativity. As regards the shape, rectangular or L-shaped furniture would support the work environment.


Good lighting is a prerequisite for any workspace. Try opening the windows to bring in natural light, fresh air and unlimited positive Chi. If that is not possible, install light fixtures which emit warm white light - a yang source.


Presence of devices leads to excess yang energy in the room. You could invite yin energy by placing artwork that brings calming vibes. Fresh flowers or indoor plants with round shaped leaves, like Bamboo or rubber trees, will neutralise the energies. Do not forget to declutter and organise the space as clutter not only invites unwanted stagnant energy but could also cause a distraction.

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