Feng Shui Tips For Yin-Yang Balance In Bedrooms

Feng Shui Tips For Yin-Yang Balance In Bedrooms

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A balance of yin and yang, the opposing forces, is important to achieve harmony in any space. While yin is all about feminine qualities, the yang symbolises masculine qualities. In a house, there are certain areas, where the former is predominant while in some areas, the latter force has a dominant presence. For instance, the kitchen and the dining and the living room favour yang energies as they are highly active areas. On the other hand, empty rooms, store rooms and bedrooms are full of yin energies. Yet, maintaining a certain balance is crucial for overall harmony.

Let us find out how we could create the perfect the yin-yang balance in bedrooms.

Create soothing environment: Soft bedding is essential for sound sleep. Similarly, the choice of patterns, such as a mix of solid and patterned fabric on upholstery, helps attract positive energy. Yin is represented by the passive energy of silence, darkness, slowness and the colour black. Apply darker colours for yin as light colours attract yang energy.

Ensure optimal temperature: Just like the passive energy described above, the variations in lighting and temperature has an effect on the yin-yang balance. In terms of temperature, coolness denotes yin while yang is for warmth. The idea is to ensure the right temperature that induces sleep.

Keep pets away: Pets are considered beneficial as they help in circulation of good chi by constantly moving about the house. However, it is better to avoid their entry into bedrooms at night especially yang animals like dogs.

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