Feng Shui Tips For Wardrobe Placement

Feng Shui Tips For Wardrobe Placement

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Wardrobes are an indispensable part of our bedrooms. But, did you know that storing items in closets for long periods can lead to stagnant flow of Chi? What could you do to avoid this?


Looking for the item you need through a wardrobe overstuffed with clothes and accessories could be annoying. It is also an easy invitation for bad energies to enter your restful zone and keeping the doors closed is futile. So, you should avoid clutter in the room by sorting and organising the wardrobe items.


For unrestricted energy flow, the wardrobe should be placed away from the bed and pathway to the doors. In Feng Shui, the left side is Yang and right side is Yin. Place the wardrobe on the left side of the bed to strike the right balance. Always position mirrored wardrobe away from doors and windows. It is advisable to hang curtains over them so that they do not reflect bad energies. Do not place the wardrobe too close to the bed.


Choose wardrobe for the bedroom in light colours to promote good energies. Hang a small family photo. Use multi-faceted crystals to remedy the poison arrows emanating from sharp edges.

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