Feng Shui Tips For Using Ba Gua Mirror

Feng Shui Tips For Using Ba Gua Mirror

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A Ba Gua or Pa Kua mirror, which is a round mirror fitted inside an octagonal wooden frame, is an extremely powerful Feng shui cure to deflect negative energy directed towards a specific point. Available as both concave and convex mirror, it comes in various sizes and has the Feng Shui Ba Gua design inscribed on its surface, mostly in yellow, black and red colours.

It is important to note that there are some rules while using this traditional Feng Shui cure.

Rule 1: Do not use them indoors

Feng Shui experts strictly advise not to place Ba Gua mirrors indoors, particularly the ones which are concave or convex in shape. However, you can use a flat mirror or a Ba Gua mirror which is flat inside your home.

Rule 2: Do not use them for decoration

Ba Gua mirror is often misused and is displayed as a decorative piece for interiors. In fact, the mirror specifically serves the purpose of diverting the disruptive energy, known as Sha Chi or Si Chi, moving in the direction of your home. For example, negative or attacking energies may arise from obstacles near the house, say large trees or electrical poles.

Rule 3: Know the right placement

The two kinds of Ba Gua mirror - concave and convex - work differently and should be placed according to the recommended rule.

Concave mirror: This mirror is bowl-like and thus collects and neutralises the harmful energies. It is highly preferred in places where good Chi needs to be encouraged. For instance, it could be placed above a front door, facing a staircase or an obstructed area for releasing the blocked Chi.

Convex mirror: This mirror, on the contrary, has a protruding surface and shows a reverse effect. It returns the negative energy to the sender with force. So, it should only be used when there is a need for enrichment of positive things. While hanging this mirror, make sure it always reflects pleasant things, say, a garden or a beautiful view of nature.

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